Supervision for Caring Professionals


The use of our personal self within our caring role defines our approach & our professional identity. It influences how we relate to those for whom we care, our career and our own wellbeing.

“You are unique, as is the manner in which you work. So must be the supervision that you seek.”

Counselling, psychotherapy

& Social Work


Whether you are just starting out in your new profession or have been practising for some time, supervision is a vital to your practice. It supports & nourishes your professional & personal self, maintains your growing edge, & ensures that your clients are receiving the very best of you within the therapeutic relationship.

I approach supervision from an integrative and collaborative framework, drawing on a number of different models of supervision & therapeutic practice. I aim to develop a way of working with you that is as unique as you & your clients. We will begin by discussing & negotiating the terms & focus of the supervision relationship, and ensure that we are a correct fit for each other.

Throughout our journey together, we are likely to prioritise accountability (to each other & your clients), critical-self-reflection, professional development & self-care.

If you are just starting out in your career, you may be interested in professional mentoring as you navigate your way with employers or into private practice.

Supervision for educators

To be an educator is indeed a noble calling. It requires a passion for contributing to the growth & development of the students whom you serve. It also comes with great responsibility, & at times this responsibility, the changing needs within educational environments, and the unique needs of the individual students themselves may impact on our personal & professional self.

As a tertiary level educator, and one who has worked extensively supporting primary & secondary school educators in their work with students and peers, I am able to support you to understand and connect with students and peers with whom you may be experiencing difficulties.

When we are faced with conflict, it becomes difficult to meaningfully engage with students or peers, & we might struggle with career direction. This impacts both the students and ourselves. I understand that it can be difficult to reach out for support within your workplace context, this is where external supervision can be useful.

I offer a completely confidential supportive experience that may enhance your wellbeing, increase your ability to connect with & support students, resolve workplace challenges with peers, improve your daily working life & reduce burnout.