I have a disability, yes that’s true, but all that really means is I may have to take a slightly different path than you.
— Robert M. Hensell

What is NDIS Counselling ?

NDIS Counselling provides a place where I can really be myself, where I can truly be heard without judgement, & without shame. I can talk about the things that I want to talk about & move towards living the life that I want to live.

Spending time with a counsellor who is genuinely interested in you & your life experiences, can help you with your unique life journey.

The NDIS recognises how important counselling is for people who live with disability. Counselling is available with Relationship Works through the NDIS under Improved Daily Living Skills - Individual Counselling - support item 15_043_0128_1_3.

Children, Teens & Adults each have their own unique needs & experiences, & I specific tailor our work together to suit each individual. Together we work to identify & build on your existing strengths & unique capabilities & develop new ways of relating to your experiences assisting you to create the changes that you choose within your life.

Throughout our time together, your privacy & confidentiality is assured. If you like, I can also work collaboratively with your loved ones, carers & other support services in ways that you approve.

I will not impose any particular way of working (or therapeutic modality) upon you, our time together is genuinely collaborative. Together we decide how to work with each other. You decide upon your goals and what you would like to achieve and experience throughout our partnership.

For NDIS Counselling on the Central Coast I offer sessions in my comfortable & accessible office at Tuggerah within the Mariners Centre of Excellence building. I can also conduct our sessions at schools or within your home depending on your needs, my availability & cost factors. Please feel free to discuss options when you contact me.


What can NDIS Counselling do for me?

People come to Relationship Works for NDIS approved Counselling for many reasons.

Each person has own their unique needs:

  • Developing & Improving Relationships with friends, loved ones, school, work & community.

  • Finding Direction in Life, Setting & Achieving Goals.

  • Learning New Life Skills.

  • Understanding Myself & Other People.

  • Having a Place Where I Can Talk Honestly About My Life & Experiences Without Being Judged.

  • Helping Me To Find Answers & Make Difficult Decisions.

  • Helping Me to Change Behaviours That I No Longer Want To Do.

  • Improving My Mental Health & Wellbeing.

  • Exploring My Sexuality & Improving My Intimate Relationships.

How Does It All Work?

  1. Apply for your NDIS package. Check your potential for eligibility with the NDIS here.

  2. Need help applying for the NDIS?

    • Contact the Central Coast NDIS Local Area Coordinator here.

    • If your disability is related to Mental Illness you might require additional support in your application, if so I recommend Central Coast Primary Care - Partners In Recovery to assist you with your application. They truly understand the unique barriers that might stand in your way in seeking NDIS approval.

  3. Already have an NDIS Package?

  4. Contact Simon directly here.

    • We can have a chat with each other to see if we are a good fit. Usually this involves:

      • Talking briefly about what you might want to get out of NDIS Counselling.

      • I will answer any questions you might have.

      • Discussing your plan budget & costs.

      • Discussing our availability and what works for you.

      • Discussing your rights & our responsibilities.

  5. How payment takes place will depend upon how your plan is managed.

  6. Once we have mutually decided on what works for you, we meet for our session & begin our journey together.


Find Relationship Works NDIS Counselling Central Coast information brochure here.

Find Relationship Works NDIS Client Rights & Responsibilities Booklet here.