What is Couples & Relationship Counselling?

Relationship counselling brings resolution to difficulties, improves connection and puts your relationship into the space that you choose.

Many couples seek support from a therapist to enhance and improve their relationship with each other. Common reasons for seeking support include repairing and moving through a relationship rupture or traumatic experience; a breakdown of trust; infidelity; loss; sexual difficulties; intimacy concerns; communication difficulties; separation and divorce; and couples transitioning into a new life phase, for example, retirement, or “empty nest”.

Therapy supports couples to reconnect with what is valuable and meaningful for them and the relationship. Couples get to resolve what is not working for them, so that they can experience more joy, contentment, deepening of trust, sense of genuine partnership, and increased passion moving forward.

Therapy helps couples find pathways back to themselves, and each other. It is a place where the individual in the relationship is respected and celebrated whilst working toward a shared vision for how the relationship might become more nurturing, loving, healthy, respectful & stronger.

Relationship therapy becomes a neutral place and time for couples to explore, build meaning and grow.

Life can become so very busy and we sometimes fall into patterns of relating with each other that no longer work for us. Showing how much you care about your relationship by setting aside a weekly or fortnightly therapy session is a very positive way of saying to the other, “You matter so very much to me, and this is worth working through”.


Not knowing how to raise the idea of relationship therapy with your partner when things are not going well is a common experience for those seeking support.

I am happy to take some time to support you in starting the conversation with your partner. If you might like to discuss some ideas on how to start the conversation with your partner please contact me.