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Consistent with my appreciation for nature, & the elements that create our unique way of approaching life. The logo consists of three interconnected leaves representing the fullness of life.

The left hand leaf represents our experience of events, people, places & time.

The right hand leaf represents the meanings that we make of these events, the people we encounter, the places we have been & the time in which we exist.

The central leaf represents our self & the relationship that we have to the events & the meaning that we have made of them. For it is our relationship to these two interconnected phenomena that contribute to how we walk through life.


How Relationship Works

Relationship is the key to all that we experience, all that we are, & all that we can be.

It is the centrality of relationship within our lives that inspired the name for my practice. Simply put, it is our relationship to life events & the meaning that we make of them that works to create our reality and how we exist.

In my practice, & work with you, it is the relationship that we develop together that will work to bring about the outcomes that you desire in your life.

Whether you are seeking Counselling, Psychotherapy, Clinical Supervision, Professional Mentoring, or EAP support on the Central Coast; relationship will be the key to our success together.

A focus on the unique you

It is my genuine belief that each of us is unique, we have unique experiences that we co-exist in relationship with. For this reason, I believe that it is essential that our work together be unique. In working with you, we will decide together how best to work with each other to bring about the changes that you desire.

I will not impose on you, nor expect you to fit into any specific therapeutic practice.

This is your journey & you deserve what fits best for you. This is my promise to you,

Counselling & Psychotherapy for the Unique you.